We have accounting experts to guide you handle all the accounting configurations including IFRS and GAAP accounting metrology in the best possible way.    

Taxation & GST

Let's PAY TAX & Enjoy!

We not only have expertise in Odoo but also have in-depth knowledge about Accounting. Most of the developers at VPerfect CS have a commerce background which enabled us to understand Accounting Module efficiently and do customization as per the requirement.  When Clients have Accounting requirements they are always concerned whether the Odoo Developer is aware of Accounts or not. But in VPerfect CS you don't have to worry as we have mastered customizing mind-blowing dishes in the Accounts Module of Odoo.  We have customized TAXATION & GST MODULE for Odoo Version 10,11,12,13,14,15,16 Community Edition and it's currently available on the Odoo Play Store which can be purchased in case of full tax payment though the amount paid is less than the total amount.  Let's understand our Cash Basis Tax Amount App:   Usually when we make a Bill, Tax is applied directly to the TOTAL AMOUNT of the bill which is created and that's the basic working flow of Odoo.  But when you want to pay the tax only for the amount you have paid from the TOTAL AMOUNT then the rest of the Tax is as per the amount left then for such a requirement we need to make customization in Odoo, which is possible and done by us. We have developed an App - CASH BASIS AMOUNT TAX. This application can help us to track the tax & amount one receive for a particular TAX within the selected payment date range.

Features provided in the App are: 
  1. Generate Financial Report Based On Selected Payment Date.
  2. Calculate How Many Taxes and Amount You Received For This Single Tax Within the Selected Payment Date Range.
  3. Generate a Particular Payment Entry For the Invoice In the Payment Details Table To Know How Many Tax and Amount Received For This Particular Tax in Which Date For This Single Invoice.

We have provided a step-by-step process to activate the Tax Basis Process and have also prepared a video that shows how to activate the Cash Basis so tax will be applied to the amount paid rather than the total billing amount based on the date of payments scheduled. To know in detail about our Cash Basis Amount Tax App please visit:   https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/12.0/cash_basis_tax_report/