Want to be Up-to-Date with the Versions? VPerfect CS is there! Whether it's about migrating the database or the code, we can help you and make sure that all your needs are accomplished and they go well with the latest releases and also make sure that your data is completely secure & you stay updated with all new features of the wonderful Odoo.

If your mind comes up with an idea of Odoo Migration then it's a great idea!

The need for migrating arises when your business is growing & you're in a quest for better and more efficient solutions. So it's a positive sign. 

But at the same time, it's not easy, one wrong move and you can lose all the data or disrupt the whole framework. So an experienced team is needed for successful migration and VPerfect CS has the proficiency in migration. 

Our veteran team has done several Odoo migrations to date. We have helped several enterprises to migrate their ERPs to a higher / newly released Odoo version. 

Odoo Migration is the combination of two categories: 

1. Odoo Database Upgrade:

Here we make sure that correct data is maintained in the database while upgrading the database to a newer version.  

2. Odoo Code Upgrade: 

As an experienced Odoo service provider, we have the ability to upgrade the code. In code migration there are two types: 

a. Migrating Odoo without 3rd Party customized modules and custom-build modules

b. Migrating Odoo with 3rd Party customized modules and custom-build modules

Overview of Steps Taken for Code Migration

Migration is repeated after the initial migration, as the test is carried out on the pre-production database to check whether all the functionalities are working well or if there's any issue with either Odoo code migration or migration script. Depending upon the type of issue, we take appropriate actions. After resolving that we go for the final Odoo Migration.

The most crucial step needed to be taken care of while migrating to Odoo is to maintain a backup of the whole data and system database so there's no loss of data or database.