We offer affordable Odoo functional and technical training to help professionals make organisational processes efficient with Odoo. Our Odoo experts helps professionals handle installation to smooth functional operations and configurations for generic as well as customized business processes.

Odoo Training Methodology

VPerfect CS provides official training in Odoo to Students, Developers, Clients,s or anyone who has the desire of exploring the world of Odoo. We help to understand Odoo frameworks, modules, and flow which will enable the user to use all Odoo applications efficiently. 

Purpose of Training

Our proficient team of Odoo Developers will help in exploring Odoo as per the thirst for understanding Odoo. Odoo is a product which has lots of features & functionalities in it's all Apps & it's a comprehensive product so there are chances that you may encounter some problems and don't get a quick solution in such case our experts will help you to resolve the issue via Online or we can arrive at your place or you can visit our office.

Need for Odoo Training

Odoo Training can help you understand "How Odoo works?"

Acquiring knowledge of Odoo modules, frameworks, different views for the Apps, interaction of modules with app etc is required to get an idea of Odoo Operations which will empower users to handle challenges that may arise in business.

Say for example you're our Client and you don't want technical help for basic tasks like modifying your database or making changes in the condition applied for eStore while a user places an order etc. then you need Odoo Training! And VPerfect CS provides training. We provide both functional and technical training in Odoo

Objective of Training 

At the end of the training, learners will have an elaborate knowledge of the main aspects of Odoo and its apps and modules.

As per the user's selection for the type of training, we will provide the material which is important for the user's understanding. 

Depending upon the time user select and the day's user selects we can schedule the time and dates for the training. 


  • You would require to bring in your own system for training

  • Odoo should be already installed into the system

  • Once we have planned the whole training session for a specific date and time it's recommended to avoid skipping/postponing/canceling the sessions.


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