Privacy Policy

Veracious Perfectcs Pvt Ltd  is bounded to maintain user's details and keep all the data of user pristine. All your information are confidential for Veracious Perfectcs Pvt Ltd. If information is shared by you or we have received the information from our website we will keep it secure and it won't be shared or sold to anyone is our responsibility. Sometimes we also asks for your personal information for implementing Odoo as per your need & it's taken to take follow ups and will be maintained in our sheets with full security. You have right on your information and we always take of it even after project.

Our Policy comprises of following sections: 

1. Information we Gather: We ask for your details while implementing Odoo for your business on your own Odoo database, we need some details of the company and some personal data as they are essential for running the services provided on Odoo Platform. 

Sometime when you visit our website we receive your data which enables us to know what you're looking for and that helps us to provide customized services list that we can offer to you. 

Sometime you also fill our forms to contact us and in that form we ask for some personal information like: Full Name, email address, phone number(optional), reason to contact and name of company(if it's not for personal use) and many more. 

 2. Third Party Service Providers: To support various operations we rely of some providers so they help us with the various services like payment processing, shipping management, cloud hosting, marketing etc.

3. Cookie Policy: We use cookies for enhancing user experience. Cookies help us to support your activities on our website by tracking the pages you have visited, the language you have chosen, services that are mostly visited by you and time taken to surf a particular page. This things help us to provide improved services.   

4. Security: We know the importance of your personal information and how much mandatory it is to preserve them well and save them form any unauthorized access. VPerfectcs keeps all the information confidential and not a single person is going to have access to your personal information without your permission. We are not going to sell or share your information with anyone, except the basic information which is need to be provided to the various service providers and affiliates which are mend to operate the services and implement Odoo successfully. 

5. Policy Updates: VPerfectcs may change the Privacy Policy at a regular interval of time and based on the legal obligations applied. We have the right to make changes into the privacy policy and the content which is mentioned above is revised regularly and will be the "LATEST UPDATED" version. If you collaborate with us and continue to get services from us then you would agree on the Update versions too.