We analyse your business needs accurately and its our top priority to fit in all your needs while implementation.
Our team is well qualified and capable for analyzing business flows and personalizing Odoo accordingly.
We have successfully implemented Odoo SAAS installation with AWS server integration.

Implementation Methodology

Our primary goal is to build valuable relationships with our clients by offering them the best services. Therefore, we map requirements and develop a fully-functional system in a way that can meet all your requirements. We are always here to assist you in the best possible  way.


How VPerfect CS Implements? 

We always provide design-driven products that lead to customer satisfaction and make them work with us again and again.

Requirement Analysis

Have an idea, but aren’t exactly sure what to do? We will work with you to develop that idea into reality. We initially comprehend business flows accurately. Our experts implement the idea to meet all your needs and show you exactly what you’ll receive when the project is done.


We care about providing the highest quality of development services. Firstly, we try to map all your requirements within odoo but if you require any custom functionality or special feature that can't be solved with current Odoo modules, we can help! We have expert and experienced developers that will get the job done!


Configuring your system is one of the most important parts of the process. We help set all the parameters of the software right to fit the needs of your system at initial installation as well as help maintain and update your system at regular intervals in case of changes in your business strategy.

Data Import & Migration

We give keen attention to the business data and see if it is intact and proper while developing your system in odoo. We provide a complete transfer of all the data from the existing software to our new system. We keep backups of your data as well as your system database so that nothing is lost or missed.


Although we continuously test the system throughout the process, we do final testing when the whole system is ready along with data. This includes functional, integration, and performance testing. This test allows us to fix those little bugs that we might have missed to make sure nothing goes wrong and our clients can work smoothly.


We assist our clients to choose the kind of installation which suits and benefits them the most. We help in figuring out the best server hosting service and package provider satisfying the budget, user log-in, and all other factors essential to the company.



High Coding Standards

A Team Of Highly Qualified Professionals

Years Of Experience with Odoo

On-Time Delivery

Cost-Effective Services With Best ROI


Technical & Functional Expertise In All Odoo Versions

Excellent After Sales Support

Service In Both Enterprise And Community Editions

Onsite, Offsite Development, And Training Facilities

Services In a Diverse Range Of Businesses