VPCS Salon Management System

Explore the "VPCS Salon Management System" in Odoo!

Simplify your salon management with our salon management apps that seamlessly handles all your salon operations digitally. Our salon portfolio includes an app designed as a Portal and another that functions as a PoS System. Both apps offer a range of features, which are explained as below:

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Salon  Portal:

This app was specifically designed for managing salon appointments, but it can also handle inventory management, staff management, accounting, reporting, analytics, and integration with WhatsApp. The app features are as shown below:


Various salon services can be configured to display on the portal, and you can track all the  related parameters in your database.

Time Slots and Working Hours:

Configure your salon time slots and standard working hours for your salon to plan your schedules, assign tasks to your staff and accordingly manage your customer appointments.

Appointments and Scheduling:

Allow clients to book appointments through your portal and integrate them with staff schedules for seamless coordination. This enables efficient planning of tasks, schedules, and allocation of necessary resources to run your salon smoothly and provide excellent customer service to your clients.


Set up pricing for all your salon services and configure various price filters to accommodate different types of clients, ensuring you cater to all categories of your clientele.

Order Management:

Track all the salon requests of your clients received from the portal and "Confirm" or "Reject" them based on the current scenario of all your resources. When a salon request is confirmed it is converted to a Salon Order otherwise you can provide Alternative Slots to  your clients or Reject it you can't accommodate it.

Inventory Management:

Track salon products, equipment, and stock levels efficiently using Odoo's integrated Inventory app, which encompasses a comprehensive set of features tailored for managing various aspects of inventory within your salon.

Customer Relationship Management:

Use the integrated Odoo CRM app to maintain client records and preferences. Send personalized offers and promotions to your clients to maintain long term relationships.

Accounting Management:

Manage invoices, payments, expenses and all the other financial transactions using the integrated  Accounting app. Generate all the customized financial reports based on your needs.

Staff Management:

Schedule shifts, manage payroll, track employee performance and other staff related activities with the integrated Human Resource app of Odoo.

WhatsApp Integration:

The app is integrated with WhatsApp that makes it possible to seamlessly manage all your communication with your stakeholders on WhatsApp.

Reporting and Analytics:

Monitor key metrics such as sales revenue, client retention, client preferences, and inventory turnover using the built-in reporting tools to analyze your Salon Performance.

Salon  PoS:

This module has all the features similar to the salon portal module but its additional features are explained below:

PoS Interface:

This app provides a unique PoS Interface enhancing your retail experience that can be used on various display devices at your salon kiosk.

Product Catalog:

Easily manage and categorize salon products, services, and packages within the PoS System and configure customizable product catalogs to describe your unique products and services.

Flexible Payment Options:

The app supports various payment methods such as Cash, Credit/Debit Cards, Mobile Payments, Net Banking and Gift Cards.

Offline Mode:

The app provides you the ability  to process transactions even when your internet connection is temporarily unavailable, ensuring you with Uninterrupted Service.

Multi-Store Support:

Manage all your salon Locations or franchises from a Centralized PoS System.

Loyalty Programs and Reward Management:

Create a personalized and engaging shopping experience for your customers, encouraging repeat business and loyalty, by running Loyalty Programs and Reward Points to attract your faithful customers.

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