Unlock efficiency with VPCS Survey Save App!

Unlock Efficiency with VPCS Survey Save App!

It's always a tedious, cumbersome, boring and time consuming task to restart taking a survey from the start, if for any reason we leave it mid-way while taking it. Don't worry, VPCS Survey Save App is there to help you!


The salient features of the app are explained below:

  • Save Current Progress Button:

The app provide a "Save Current Progress" button at the end of each page of your survey to save your current progress.

  • Resume the Surveys with "In-progress"  status:

The users can resume their surveys that have the "In-progress" status in the list view as shown the image below:

  • View Saved Answers and Continue:

You can view the saved answers and click on the "Continue Form" button to resume the survey.

  • Review Submitted Forms:

You can review all the submitted forms with their response as shown below:

  • Kanban View:

  • List View:

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