Subcontracting In Work Orders Version 11, 12 and 13


Subcontracting helps generate PO for subcontracting services, raw material delivery order to supplier and receipt automatically from work order for subcontracting component product BOM and updates PO, receipt and delivery by updating quantity on the MO.


  • Configure subcontracting on the routing of the BOM of finished product.
  • Upon creating MO of the finished product workorders will be generated and on the subcontracted workorder, the POs, deliveries and receipts associated with any component products on the MO are created.
  • On Subcontracting POs, related MO is linked in the form view as well as kanban view.
  • Multi Company Support.
  • Updates PO, receipt and delivery by updating quantity on MO.
  • If 'Subcontract WorkOrders' is not marked in the manufacturing settings, the subcontracting will also work on Manufacturing BOM

Manufacturing Settings                         

Finished Product BOM With Routing                         


Subcontracting Configuration On work Order Operation                         

Component Product BOM                         

Manufacturing Order                         

Work Order Without Subcontract                         

Subcontracted Work Order                         

Subcontracted Purchase Order                         

Raw Material Delivery To Supplier                         

Receipt Of Component Product From Supplier                         

Subcontracting Order                         


Subcontracting With Product Configuration On BOM Version 11, 12 and 13