Easy for employee to put a halfday leave
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Currently, user feels very tedious way to apply leave especially those who doesn’t have much experience in system. Too many clicks involved. User can not set half day leave and whole day leave easily during the leave request instead of have slide via the hours and minutes and too many clicks.

when they apply 2.5 days which means Monday, Tuesday and Wed morning. Of course, if they want to apply leave eg Mon, Tue & Wed (half day in afternoon), then we can ask them to apply two times. One is for Mon & Tue , another one is half day for afternoon. However, if we can cater the needs without having to apply two times, which is tedious way for employee.

There is easy way to put half day leave for employees. Let’s have an example. Employee John Smith wants to put half day(Morning) leave on 26th of Sept 2016. Open leave request form and choose date on which you wants to put leave. Now, as John wants to put half day(Morning) leave select Half Day Morning in the leave lines. As John puts leave for morning he can also put leave for Half Day Evening by selecting option Half Day Evening.

Leave Request   Odoo.png

Here, John has put half leave but suppose he wants to put full leaves on Monday, Tuesday and on Thursday he wants to put half leave evening. So here he can easily put leave for 3 days at a time. See in this image that there is full leaves on Monday and Tuesday and half day evening leave on thursday.

Leave Request   Odoo.png


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