Our main services

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MRP Costing

We are implementing special mrp project where so many things like forecast, PLM, Engineering and maintenance part covers according to detail customer requirements. We are implementing costing which is generic and allow flexibility for further enhancement.

Sales & Invoicing

We are providing system for service base company who require sales and invoicing stuff only which is completely easy with odoo system sales and accounting module. So you can directly create invoice from sale order which is completely flexible for changes.

POS with Restaurant

POS and restaurant management system already covers fully touchscreen where you can design your tables with floors using existing design tools. This is fully compatible with barcode format where product can easily search and manages with different category.You can also allow to calculate loyalty points and calculation stuff.

Financial Management

We are implementing financial requirement according to customer needs and country localization part.

Warehouse Management

We are providing warehouse system which is fully flexible to handle industry requirement. Odoo warehouse management system allow multiwarehouse , multilocation, various picking methods like batch and wave and it includes stock accounting system with respect of double entry between various stock location.


We are providing odoo functional and technical training according to needs of end user. As we have professional who has 1000+ hours of experiance on odoo platform.

Why choose us

We have strong set of exprience candidate team combination so we can easily accept all challenges related to project management.

We have skilled people who has 5+ years of experience who can easily deal with following things

  • Requirement gathering with hugh set of documentation with proper manner.
  • Gap analysis work with proper modules level.
  • odoo various stable version deployment work.
  • website design, integration part with proper estimation.

We can have set of functional people who know the industry needs very well with hugh set of there ERP implementation experience. We can provide better support with in our team it self who can answer all kinds of query.