MRP Costing - Part 3

Odoo image and text block
Odoo image and text block

Proceed MO using Work Order Flow

We will proceed on last blog manufacturing order as we already configured labour and overhead setup with work order. System will generate accounting entry according to consumed quantity and produced quantity. It sumup all the Raw Material Cost + Labour + Overhead and update finished good account. It also updating FG price according to average costing method.

Odoo image and text block

We can see MO Accounting Entry

This way we can see manufacturing order will generate finished good accounting move by transfering WIP account total with finished goods account.

We can see odoo will show us all accounting move together with final price update.

Work Order with Rejection

We have added rejection mechanism directly from work order flow it self so you can easily manage rejection quantity with normal or abnormal parametor which is decided during QC.