MRP Costing - Part 2

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Proceed for Created FG MO 

I already explained how to control raw material with MO : RM One2Many fields in previous part-1 post.Now we can proceed for only those FG Quantity for which we have consumed RM.
We can insert all Labour and overhead data from work order it self so costing accounting entry will be consider with respect of passed data. We have created separate form for managing labour and overhead accounting setup.This form define initially budgeted data and rate setup. So base on budgeted data, Rate will be applied to particular work order automatically with on change of overhead setup field.

Manufacturing Labour and Overhead Setup

Proceed for configuration setup for manufacturing 

We need to setup various accounting configuration before starting with mrp costing stuff.This fields are available with manufacting setting config menu so you need to configure it before proceed on costing.

Manufacturing Labour and Overhead Setup

We need to cover lot of things related to manufacturing labour and overhead data.

Direct Labour Setup

We have setup skilled, unskill and semi skilled labur setup.

Overhead Setup

We have setup overhead parameter base on DL, on MH, on DL$ and on Output Qty.

Linking Labour/Overhead and Salary Account

this will briefly guide us how much wages we have paid as a salary and how our manufacture unit produced.

Labour and Overhead Setup Form

Odoo CMS - a big picture

This form link with MO Work Order where Labour and Overhead data fillup. 

Manufacturing Form Opening WO

Odoo CMS - a big picture
Odoo CMS - a big picture

Above screen shot calculate Labour and Overhead on particular WO.

This Way we can easily configure Labour and Overhead data setup which will do further accounting entry based on manufacting order process.