MRP Costing - Part 1

Product Physical Location RM/FG

Default Assignment For Raw Material And Finished Goods.

We have created common location field which will assigned as a raw material location which will use as deafult stock location in MO and finished goods location where the product store after produce. We have created multiple raw material location allowed with manufacturing order (through special one2many field exist in MO) which is not available with existing odoo system flow. 

Product Form

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Manufacturing Order

Creating Finish Goods order with RM

We have added partial allowed raw matrerial consumed feature with multiple location assignment.

Partial Raw Material Assignment. This will allow us to proceed further with partial raw material quantity. So we can proceed further on the bases of available raw matrial quantity. 

Raw material consumption with different physical locations allowed. This will allow user to add N number of physical location for raw material. System will create internal moves on the bases of configuration.

Manufacturing Order

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Now we can allow to allocate qunatity according to multiple raw material locations.

Manufacturing order will proceed on partial quantity option which will calulate finished good quantity automatically and update this with produce qty according to allocation.